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​Artist Introduction

As a very young girl, I laid eyes on my grandmother's, who loved travelling so much, dolls, bought and gathered at travel destinations all over the world, were displayed in the glass cases at her house .  When I was a youg girl, I was full of energy and a tom-boy maybe because I was around only brothers.  I was playing outside until it became dark and I was a stranger to dolls at all.

When I entered Junior High School, I got a glass tableware set with pretty strawberries from an aunt who was a rose lover.
My inner girl's part was awaken by prettiness of that glass tableware set with strawberries.  My aunt loved dolls and that must be from my grandmother.  I thought there was only a doll at my home, which was Rika but I only did not know I was always around of a lot of dolls.


When my early adulthood leached, I met a bisque doll and soon I was making Bisque Dolls.  I became bot doll lover and rose lover, which was obviously influences from my grandmother and aunt.  I bought a bisque doll that was from United Kingdom, and of course it was a hand made, soon after I began to make dolls.  It was quite expensive for me but I absolutely had to have it.

Every time I see this pretty doll, I feel happy and I say to myself, "That was a right dicision!".  I hope my dolls become one letting you feel happy as I am feeling and look at many times as I am doing.  I hope my dools become your treasure as my 1st bisque doll.

I am making my dolls with all my herat, from the bottom of my heart for you.  If my dools made you feel happy and my love of bisque dolls...   Then I am happy.

Bisque Doll Creater, Yukiko Tomino

When I met Yukiko about 20 years ago, I thought she was still like "a girl" and I did not even know about her bisque dolls.  ...but we all have kids in our hearts, don't we?  Yet, I was wondering how and why she loved bisque dolls and she could create such beautiful dolls...  I understood it when I met her bisque dolls for the first time.  That is because she has a pure heart as a girl.        Yasuno Ito

Clock Master, Takuro Naruse

1973  Born in Minato-ku, Nagoya Japan
1992  Graduated from Zuiryou High School, General Education
1993  Licensed pilot in USA
1996  Graduated from Kagoshima Daiichi University/College of

            Technology, Department of Aeronautical Engineering

1996  Started working with Auto Manufacturer in Aichi

1997  Oversea post in Adelaide, Austlralia for a half year.
1998  Started working with a company needs Percision  

            Engineering at a department of new commercial

1999  Started learning and studing own mechanical clocks
2000  Created 1st own mecanical clock
2002  Started  Naruse Tokei(Clocks) in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan 
2004  Started  hosting conferences in all over Japan
2005  Exhivited own "Giant Mechanical Clock" in Japanese

            Pavilion for Aichi Expo
2005  Started teaching classes for "how to make clocks" in

            Chunichi Cultural Center in Nagoya, Japan
2005  Restored an antique clock with  a museum in Shanghai 
2007  Selected  1 of "100 watch/clock makers in the world" by a

             journal specializing mecanical watchs/clocks
2009  Attended as a speaker for "Monozukuri  Symposium" 

             hosted  by the city of Nagoya in Nagoya, Japan 2009 

             Founded NPOTokei Bunka, and became the chairman of

             the board.
2011   Created a giant wrist watch with the daimeter of 1.2 meter

            for Nagoyasi Kagakukin/City of Nagoya, Science Museum

I met Takuro in person about 3 years ago.  But I knew him 2 years prior to the 1st meeting because I came acreoss his clocks on his wesite while I was looking for some parts for my clock.  "I had see him and his works!" long time wish came true upon 1st meeting.  I am lucky to show his work at my gallery!              Yasuno Ito

Introducing and exhibiting more works at the gallery.  Architecutually carved wood works with Podocarp wood.   Fascinating ceramic works in traditional and contemporary methods.  We will find and show more fantastic artists and their works in the future time.

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