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 2 divisions of da.forvi


da.forvi is an art and design firm with divisions

Design Avenue, we are operating an interior and exterior consulting and also we design to incorporate your ides.  As a gallery ForVi is introducing art works of artists, including us,  from a various fields and we represent those artists, exhibit and sell their precious works through our gallery.  Our lines of works and techniques from USA, not only art works but for interior and exterior items in decorating and architectual worlds, are still evolving.  As da.forvi offers English Conversation Lessons as "Art of Conversation in English" to all ages .  Learning English is one of many paths to Art.

History of da.forvi 1    Starting of Design Avenue
Design, hand silk sreen printing and related art services
History of da.forvi 3  Design Avenue/ForVi(DAFV)
A new name to reinstate business ​in Japan

Design Avenue

Built a studio in July 1989 in Los Angeles and began a design firm named Design Avenue.  After leaving Japan for USA in 1979, 2 owners, Yasuno Ito and Mikio Ito, were trained for many art techs in various fields over the years, finally started Graphic Design, Printing and Related Art Services business with strictly by hand silk screen printing for special needs in the art world.

Design Avenue/ForVi(DAFV)

2 names were conbined and used to restart bisiness​ here in Japan in December 2016 with different concepts in the new operation.  DAFV is handling 2 different businesses.   Interior and Exterior Consulting is done by Design AvenueForVi is showing and selling art works by artists from a lot of art fields.

History of da.forvi 2    Starting of ForVi
Textile line with own brand name, ForVi  


Using silk screen skills, 2 owners' original designs were printed on selected fabrics, pure silk and artificial kid suede fabrics.  A new texrile line of collection, ForVi was created.  The brand name ForVi means "for" and "beauty" in Japanese it writes "Bi",but changed to "Vi".  In March 1992 ForVi started being represented by very well known home furnishing and textile showrooms, Decorators Walk, at the time, in Design Centers of San Francisco, Los angeles and San Diego and introduced to the worlds of Architects, Interior Designers and Decorators. 

History of da.forvi    da.forvi
A new registered trade mark/a part of trade mark 


"Design Avenue" was a registered trade neme for years between 1987 to 2000 for both owners in USA.  By the fact that a registred trade name had to be renewed every 4 years and if not, it would be granted to a party or a person who applied the registory.  "da" from Design Avenue and ForVi were put together to assemble da.forvi and to maintain both name.  Name, da.forvi is reagally registered as a part of trade mark in 2016.  In March 2017, DAFV is finally changed to da.forvi

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