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da.forvi by 2 Artist Owners

Our residency in USA turned out being for 21 years of our lives in Art World, which was too important for us to forget and lose.  Life is so random and we never know what is next.  As our returning to Japan was.  We had no regret about returning, yet we did not know if there was a 2nd chance for us to start again in Japan.  On December 1st of 2016 we were lucky to re-start again in the art world as Gallery.  It has been 16 and half years lready, but we think that all those years are needed for us to grow wiser and better.

However, Mikio Ito, who was also 40 year long partner in private lives of 2 owners, unfortunately passed away at the age of only 62 by a sudden auto accident in August of 2019.   Yasuno will continue da.forvi on Mikio's behalf to spread Art World for both. 

                      Yasuno Ito       
Owner/Artist, Mikio Ito         

March 1979 

Left Kinjo Gakuin College after 1 year to move to USA.

June 1979

Moved to Los Angeles, Ca, USA to study English as Second Laungage(ESL), art and jewelry design with Mikio Ito(Married right before moving).

December 1980

Graduated California State ESL School, Adult Evans

January 1982

Finished a 9 month program of a dog and cat grooming school, Bark and Purr Dog and Cat Grooming School in Los Angeles.  Experienced 3 months actual activities as a groomer for dogs and cats.  When unable to find a good jewelry making school before Student Visa was expired, heard about grooming schools for dogs and cats.  Decided to attend because of my love for animals. 

June 1983

Finished a professonal jewelry designing and making by wax carving program at Kazumi Art Studio after 6 months of learning.  Also finished 1 year internship training period at the same studio in 1983.

March 1987         
Pemanent Regident Visa was granted.


July 1987
Started Design Avenue provided design, speciall hand

silkscreen printing and related art services with Mikio. 

July 1987~

Learned techs of hand screen printing and negative works for screens, invented special fomulas of soft inks for fabrics, later used for ForVi Textile Collection.  Had done numerouse projects as one of master printers as below.

March 1979
Graduated from Nagoya Gakuin University, Economy in Art


June 1979
Moved to Los Angeles, Ca, USA to study English as Second Laungage(ESL), arts and design with Yasuno Ito(Married right before moving).


September 1979 to December 1980
Attended California State School, Adult Evans 

January 1981 to June 1983 
After attended Fine Art and Commercial Art departments, graduated from Hollywood Art Center School. Grand Prize was given from a student poster competion for "Election for the Governor of California, for Republican Party, Governor Deukmejian" in the era of President Ronald Reagan, Republican Party.  Got $1000 for a prize.(Pro Competition was up to $500) The grand prize poster might be used for the next Presidential Election at the time.

September 1983 to June 1987
Attended Extension Course for professionals at UCLA.  He became 1st foreign student arrolwed to take a full time job outside of UCLA University campus.  Had the full time job for a hand painting artist at Koni Art Textile Design and Handprinting until finished the course at UCLA.  Also designed an albam illastration for a pop music band, "Tease".  Done many storyboards for commercials on TV.

February 1987         
Pemanent Regident Visa was granted.

July 1987 
Started Design Avenue provided design, speciall hand

silkscreen printing and related art services with Yasuno. 

Had done numerouse projects as one of master printers.

July 1987 to June 2000        

  San Francisco's convention center, Moscone Center's job  350 movable panels, sized 7 meter heigh with the   

  width of 1.5 meter.  About 2500 meter printing project.

  Wallcovering projects. Custom printings for a ballroom of ANA(All Nippon Airway) Hotel in San Francisco and for

  a hotel casino's walls in Reno, Nevadaare from Brewster Wall Covering Co. (Nation wide operation).   Worked 

  many different type projects with them.


  A mock room wall(sample room before an actual building constructin)for Desney Resort in Miami, Florida.

  English oil painter, Mr David Huckney's opera stage props project for New York Opera House in New York.  3

  peices of 4 meter silk fabric was hand dyed in 3 different colors.  Custom printing with famous ceramist's

  original designs for wrapping fabrics were done solely by Yasuno.

  At the time of the head quarter of Fuji Tokusyu Shigyo and its manufacturing building in nagoya were moved to

  Seto City, created 5 large murals, each was about 1.75 meter high and 2.5meter wide, for the wall of 25 meter   

  long hall way between buildings. 


  Mikio became a proffessor to teach silk screen printing techniques at Otis College of Art in Los Angeles, the largest  

  private art college to undergraduates and graduates for master digree.  Yasuno assisted and operated business.


  Printing jobs for Textile Collection Gregpry Evans and others.

  In March 1992 a textile line with a brand name ForVi was created.  ForVi was represented by the well known home

  furnishing and interior textile showroom, Decorators Walk in 3 cties, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego in

  California, 2 cities, Dallas and Huston in Texas, Detroit in Michigan.  Representation by showrooms changed and

  spreded from the west coast to the east coast in USA and carried by other famous showrooms as Keith MaCoy &

  Associates, John Edward Huge Company in Texas and Todd Wiggins in Florida, a showroom in New York and

  more.  ForVi textile was used for mansions in Beverly Hills, private jets and yachts.  Actress-Talkshow Hostess,

  Ms Oprha Whinfly was in clientel. 

  Movie, "Titanic" project.  2 different designs, 3 different color schemes for 1 of designs, hall way rag and Ball

  room carpet, about 150 meter custom printing.

  The world wide pronouned and established showroom for interior textiles, Lee Jofa had offered to world wide 

  representation of ForVi.  Since printing was done only by 2 of us, we had to turn down the offer.

June 2000 

  Closed business established since 1987 and returned to Japan to take care of parents.

July 2000  Returned to Japan and start careing parents.


February 2004 to Jan 2012  While taking care of 3 parents, English conversation classes for age 4 to over 60 by one on one base were opened and continued.       


September 2011  Started building Gallery for new beginning.


January 2012  Building process is stopped becasue of nessesity of cares of parents and other process problems.  


April 2013 to November 2016  Art stacco walls of outside and inside were finished by Yasuno.  Becasue of stacco application techniques, importer's afferiate company offered a corporation in teaching teches to stucco appliers and general constractors.  Took a dealership of materials.  Founded a manufacture of stainless steel fence and other exteror decoration, marble base furnitures and interior decorations with own hand printed textiles.

July 2000 Returned to Japan and started work in Father's business facility.

July 2003~

After Mikio's father's passing and 3 years, inharited late fathers's business because not being able to pursue art business without foundimental of art business in Japan.

September 2011 

Designed, created and constructed stainless steel gates for the gallery front.  Applied Art Deco designed with wood panels to gallery's ceiling.  Also dne ather constructions and applications. 

December 2016  da.forvi is opened and started with the principal idea of not only introducing own art but also expanding humanity in the world through art.




Moscone Center Job


Job in USA...San Francisco Moscone Convention Center
Movable Panel Doors


Job in USA  Mascone Convention Center

Top Left: Movie "Titanic" Carpet and Rag Project

Top Mid: Hand screen printing with 2 persons

Top Right: Opera "Magic Flute", 3 colors fabric  

         dye project


Bottom: Fuji Tokusyu Sigyo in Japan, 5 murals 

              project, the main mural "Love" by Mikio



By Artist Owner, Yasuno

Metal Sculpture "Revive"

Revive(with Copy Right) is coraborated with Clock Maker, Takuro Naruse's stainless steel hand made clock.  And Revive is used as decors for steinless steel fence.  Revive will be used for art works or furnitures.



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